Midnight 3D

Midnight 3D Premium Eyewear
Midnight 3D Premium Eyewear
Midnight represents the most advanced 3D lenses built specifically for the professional who creates and consumes content all day, every day. Circular Polarised, RealD compatible lenses offer distortion free polarisation with wide field viewing to enhance 3D effects. Optical quality materials maintain the highest levels of detail, resolution and clarity. The most efficient polarising filters give the best light transmission and brightest viewing experience possible. Why all this effort in 3D lenses? Because a professional who works in 3D deserves professional 3D lens technology!

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i-AMP 3D technology explained.

MERXION 3D lens filters:

Near perfect 99%+ polarisation efficiency: The lowest amount of `crosstalk` or `ghosting` from one eye to the other resulting in true ambiocular vision. Increases the reality of imagery and can eliminate visual and physical discomfort. Ultra precise filters allow the brightest image possible without sacrificing extinction.

Maximised contrast ratio: Intense darks and vivid brights are richly perceived without the damping effect normally found in lower quality 3D eyewear.

iONik lens tints:

With advanced spectropotometry, Gunnars lab technicians have the ability to study and analyse even the most difficult lighting environments. Each part of the visible and invisible light spectrum can be measured and quantified. To balance and optimise that lighting environment for the needs of the human eye, the Gunnar lab techs then use a combination of iONik lens tints and i-FI coatings.


* Tints tuned to specific environments for maximum visual efficiency.
* Captures and enhances `good` light to increase ocular endurance.
* Reduces high energy visible light to speed visual recovery.
* Enhances contrast for a sharper viewing experience.

fRACTYL lens geometry:

Designed using advanced computer algorithms, fRACTYL lens geometry mimics nature by focussing light. The highly wrapped configuration creates an ocular microclimate trapping in humidity and blocking out evaporative air currents.


* Precisely tuned to specific distances for reduced visual stress.
* Advanced optics for augmented details.
* Independent ocular microclimate provides increased humidity levels.
* Environmental barrier blocks ambient air currents to alleviate dry eye effects.

i-FI lens coatings:

i-FI multi-stage lens coatings filter transmitted light and protect the lens. The anti-reflective portion cuts glare and distracting extraneous light. A hydrophobic component keeps water spots to a minimum while an oleophobic coating protects from smudging and fingerprints. A final hard coat reduces environmental wear and minimises scratching.


* Filters specific wavelengths to selectively neutralize harsh parts of the colour spectrum.
* Anti-reflective coating reduces glare and reflective light.




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