Vinyl Crystalline Onyx Indoor Digital Eyewear
Vinyl Crystalline Onyx Indoor Digital EyewearVinyl Amber Onyx Indoor Digital EyewearVinyl Gradient Grey Advanced Outdoor EyewearVinyl Amber Onyx Gunmetal Indoor Digital Eyewear
Mastered with the best of both worlds, Vinyl's modern digital lines combine with a vintage silhouette. Aluminium magnesium forged temples and thermoplastic rubber sockets put ergonomics and durability onto the same track. Spring hinges and three dimensionally adjustable nose pads allow precise tuning of the fit while large lens sizing turns up the visual volume. A tech spin on classic styling!


* Soft thermoplastic rubber tipped temples grip lightly to ensure proper location of the optics without slippage.
* Aluminium magnesium frame construction generates proper strength and optical stability through a hybrid lightweight metal alloy.
* Hidden spring hinges flex to ergonomically fit a wide variety of head and face shapes.
* Lightweight construction and proper weight balance guarantee long wearing comfort without pressure points or fatigue.
* Micro engineered lens locks securely retain lenses without undue stress or distortion of the optics.
* Adjustable floating nose pads articulate in 3 dimensions to properly fit and comfortably secure eyewear in place.

Vinyl Crystalline Onyx Indoor Digital Eyewear$124.00
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Vinyl Amber Onyx Indoor Digital Eyewear$124.00
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Vinyl Gradient Grey Advanced Outdoor Eyewear$124.00
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Vinyl Amber Onyx Gunmetal Indoor Digital Eyewear$124.00
All sold out. We can mail you when they are back in.


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Gunnar Optiks Advanced Outdoor Eyewear is a technical solution that helps protect, enhance and optimise your vision.

Whether you are at the beach for long hours or working on the computer outdoors, Gunnar eyewear helps minimize eye fatigue and visual stress, while improving contrast, comfort, and focus. Gunnar Advanced Outdoor Eyewear creates a more comfortable and rich visual experience for anyone who enjoys the outdoors, improving visual efficiency, endurance, and recovery, while combating eye fatigue during extending hours of use.

The Reality: You spend most of your waking hours glued to your computer screen, smart phone, tablet or TV monitor.

As the hours go by you subject your eyes to the harsh, high intensity blue light and glare from your screen. This constant viewing of digital screens can create visual stress, eye fatigue, dry eyes, irritation, and even headaches, leading to an obvious conclusion - staring at a computer for long hours takes its toll on your eyes. Gunnar eyewear helps protect your eyes and improves your visual experience as you engage in more and more digital consumption.

Polarisation & LCD screens don't mix!

Polarised lenses are not optimal for viewing LCD screens especially outdoors. Gunnar Outdoor eyewear features a Gradient tint on the lenses that allow for optimal outdoor use and viewing of electronic devices while in direct sunlight. The gradient effect on the lenses is designed to allow you to look down at your phone, tablet or laptop without having to remove your glasses.




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