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Gunnar Gaming Glasses :: Australian supplier of Gunnar Optiks, glasses designed to improve your digital performance meaning you can game longer and harder.

GUNNARS are high tech glasses designed to protect, enhance and optimise your vision. They do this by increasing contrast, comfort and focus and reducing eye fatique, stress and dryness.


They were born from a wife concern of her husband’s migraines which she suspected were digital induced (Matt and Jenny Michelsen). Jenny also had a concern of the future problems of her child Gunnar, which, as the next generation was bound to do, spend more time in front of screens. After a bit of medical advice Matt was diagnosed with Computer vision Syndrome or Digital Eye Fatigue, a collection of small aliments that build up over time. It is claimed that 125 million Americans suffer from it. Matt and Jenny spend the next 5 years building and designing Gunnar glasses with the help of Joe Croft, a former Oakley engineer. And after a lot of work and backing from Peter Thiel (a founder of Pay Pal and early investor in FaceBook), 50 Cent, Carl Zeiss Vision, Monster, Inc., Christopher Burch and Happy Madison Productions they were released to the market.

But how do they do this?

Gunnars have a patented i-AMP lens technology which includes
- An Ionik lens Tint to produce a sharper image
- A lens that filters out fluorescent
- A lens reduces high intensity blue light.
FRACTYL Lens Geometry to:
- Pre-focus light tuned for medium viewing distances, reducing the amount of work your eye has to do.
- Highly wrapped lens design that limits air currents near the eye to create a microclimate to reduce the rate of eye dryness.
Diamix Lens Material to:
- Optically pure to produce the clearest image
i-Fi Len Coating to:
- Coated with a layer to reduce glare and scratches/damage to the lenses itself.
-By looking awesome you are more inclinded to wear them :)




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